Wildfires in Chile



Rosa Munoz walks among the debris of her home destroyed by wildfires, in Tome, Chile, Saturday, Feb. 4, 2023. Forest fires are spreading in southern and central Chile, triggering evacuations and the declaration of a state of emergency in some regions. (AP Photo/Matias Delacroix)

T. Dongara, News Editor

As Chile experiences an intense heat wave, wildfires arise throughout the South American country. There are currently more than 150 wildfires burning throughout Chile, destroying tens of thousands of acres of forest in the process. 65 of these fires have been controlled by authorities, while the rest are still destroying homes and everything in their way. 13 people have already been killed. 

What caused these fires? For starters, Chile has experienced the direct effects of climate change, dealing with natural disasters increasing in both intensity and frequency. Some of these fires were started due to unauthorized burnings. Therefore, as the government continues to put efforts into fighting these fires and helping victims, they plan on being more strict in enforcing their restrictions. 

The heat wave that Chile has been experiencing lately doesn’t make fighting these wildfires any easier. The high temperatures and strong winds are allowing these fires to grow, and as Chile runs low on resources, this battle will only continue to get more intense. 

The tragic outcome of these wildfires in Chile is another one of the many reasons why climate change needs to be addressed. The extent of these natural disasters will just get worse until major actions are taken to prevent its many effects.