How to Help Turkey & Syria after the Earthquake

After a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Syria and Turkey on February 6th, thousands of people have died. And recovery for bodies is still in progress as many buildings have collapsed and recovery efforts are underway. In addition, Turkey has declared a 3-month state of emergency. If you want to learn more about what happened you can read our article here.

Much of the area impacted by the earthquake is home to Syrian refugees, who were displaced by the Syrian Civil War. In addition in Syria, 4 million people, most of whom are women and children rely on humanitarian aid, and a cholera outbreak is a concern.  The World Health Organization has described rescue efforts a “race against time”, as many are still trapped under the rubble while the weather is below freezing. All these problems are very concerning as Turkey and Syria are not well prepared to handle the disaster because of damaged infrastructure. In addition, Syria is in the midst of a civil war, complicating recovery efforts.

Many people have been posting all across social media, different ways to help and asking for donations. As medical facilities have been overwhelmed with injured patients, rescue teams are still searching for people under the rubble, and many children are displaced, donations will go to all different aspects of the recovery process. Monetary donations are often more helpful than donating supplies, clothes, food etc, because that is often hard to organize. In addition long term donations are often more helpful because people are constantly in need, and every couple of hours new people are being saved.

Here’s how you can help

  • Donate supplies
    • You can donate supplies such as winter clothes, baby formula diapers, hygiene products, food, gas, generators, bedding and flashlights to the Turkish Embassy and Turkish Consulates in the United States
    • The Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C. says there is still and urgent need of the following items which can be dropped off at 2525 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008:
    • disaster tenets
    • blankets
    • sleeping bags
    • floor mats fr disaster teets
    • bed chairs
    • heaters (220V compatible or with converter)
    • generators (with 220V outlets or with converter)
    • portable restrooms & lavatories
    • shipping containers



You can find more information about places to donate here and here.