Green Level Gators Qualify For States


Symon placing 2nd in Men’s Regionals

J.Zheng, Staff Writer

At the Swamp we got another State qualifier for wrestling; Symon Sadler qualified for Men’s Wrestling States.

On February 10th, and 11th the Gators went to Fuquay-Varina High School and wrestled in Regionals. Regionals was a tough tournament and the Gators did their best. Symon managed to secure 2nd place in Regionals and will be going to the Greensboro Coliseum to wrestle for States this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

When I interviewed the Coaches about Regionals this is what they had to say.

How do you think the team did in Regionals?

Coach Ethan: I think we did really good, we had a ton of young guys and I would say they exceeded our expectations and battled hard the whole tournament.

Coach Kovach: I think with this team, I felt like we made a huge improvement and each kid got to a point where they were able to come close to progressing in the right direction to getting to 4th place or 3th place. They set themselves up for success and no one stopped fighting. 

Shortly after I interviewed the Coaches and Symon about their thoughts for States.

What are your expectations for States?

Coach Ethan: Expecting a good dog fight, it’s the best competition in the State.

Coach Kovach: Expectations are to win, each match is going to be a battle so to expect to win.

Symon: I think I will win, Imma do my best and whatever the outcome is I’m happy to be there but I’m there to win. 

You have a total of 3 days to prepare for States, What things are you doing to prepare?

Coach Ethan: Main thing is making sure our mentality is in check, taking care of every soreness, we put in the hard work all season and gotta fine tune some details, make sure we’re ready to dominate. 

Coach Kovach: Just to make sure we’re in top condition in terms of strength, cardio, mentality. 

Symon: Fine tune everything, no one is good enough to not need to do extra work, condition and fine tune everything.

With Symon’s shoulder being injured again, do you think it will hinder his performance at States.

Coach Ethan: I would say no, but there may be some unaccounted obstacles for us to overcome. 

Coach Kovach: There is no hinder unless, unless he allows it. It’s all mental in my mind. 

Symon: Pain or no pain, I’m there to win, and it won’t stop me. 

Is there any last comment, final thoughts you would like to make?

Coach Ethan: It was a great season for everybody and we look forward to getting better next year. 

Coach Kovach: Made school history in one year, looking forward to doing it again next year. 

Congratulations to Symon for getting 2nd in Regionals and qualifying for States. The wrestling team wishes you the best of luck. GO GATORS!