Meet your 2023 Men’s Golf Team


Taken from mr_rogers_glhs Instagram

L. Eggers, Staff Writer

It is official. Your 2023 men’s golf team has been selected. This year there are 5 returners, Drew Eggers, Cooper Champ, Peter Pucci, Quin Covington, and Davis Hunter. There is also a brand-new addition to the team, Sophomore Rudra Radha-Vemparala.

Along with having a great overall team, the coach is also one for the books. Coach Rogers is the head coach of the Men’s and Women’s golf team. Coach Rogers lead the women’s team to a historic season, along with winning coach of the year, and we know that he will do the exact same with the men’s team this season. I got the chance to talk to him about his gameplan for this season. “Practice twice a week, workout once a week, mentally prepare for our matches and just go out and win everything”.

I also got the chance to ask the guys about what they were most looking forward to about this upcoming season. Here were their responses:

Drew- “I am most excited about getting back together with the team because last year was a really fun year and I hope to have the same team chemistry as last year.”

Cooper- “I’m most excited for the team because everyone’s potential is really high.”

Peter- “Definitely the companionship that comes with our teammates and our team dynamic.”

Quin- “I’m most excited for keeping traditions and drinking monsters.”

Davis- “I’m probably most excited for just keeping the team companionship. I’m also looking forward to the matches. I think we can do well this year.”

Rudra- “I’m just excited to be playing a lot of golf.”

Everyone on the team shows great determination and dedication to the team. We know that this season is going to be great, and we can’t wait to see what they do!