Scuba vs. Nike Tech


Which jacket is better?

As you may know, Lululemon has launched a very popular jacket. The Scuba comes in many varieties of colors and different lengths. You also may have heard about Nike’s new popular jackets. Nike Techs also come in a variety of colors, but which is better? 


Pros: Scubas can be used and worn for a variety of things. Whether it’s a cover-up before working out or styled with a cute pair of pants. There are a large variety of colors and styles with scubas such as half zip, full zip, hood, or no hood. They are also known for the hair tie around their zipper which is very useful. Scubas have gained popularity amongst the girl gender and have now become a popular fashion choice over the past couple of years.

Cons: Despite all the nice qualities of the scubas, there are some imperfections. For example, typically Scuba is only made for the female gender and is not as exclusive to the male gender while Nike Tech is made for all genders. 

Nike Tech: 

Pros: As said previously, techs come in many different colors. They became popular over the past year, mainly during the winter. Unlike Scuba, Nike Tech is available to both genders. The style is almost futuristic and they have a zip in the front of the jacket which is convenient. They also have hoods in the back and many different pockets. 

Cons: Although Nike Tech seems awesome, there are some flaws. One flaw is that the material is very light. This can be a good thing if you like lighter-weight jackets. Also, the Nike Techs only come in one length while the Scuba’s come in many different lengths. 

Even though there are differences between Scuba and Nike Tech, both are good jackets depending on what you are looking for.