Women’s Soccer Preview


pic creds: Coach Stacy Lamb

Our women’s soccer team takes on their 2023 season.

Our Green Level women’s soccer team is headed into their 2023 season. 

Last year they made it to the second round of playoffs, after an incredible first-round win versus Laney High School in Wilmington, NC. After double overtime in the second-round game at Chapel Hill High, they were not able to secure the win to advance. 

The Gators finished with a 13-5-4 overall record and 8-3-3 in the conference.

A majority of the team this season will be returners, after only losing two seniors from last year. However; there are also new girls looking to make an impact.

I interviewed the head coach of the women’s soccer team, Coach Stacy Lamb,  and this is what she had to say about the upcoming season. 

I asked her how she was feeling going into the season and this is what she had to say, “Excited! Optimistic… After the last game last year, we wanted to harness that energy going into the offseason so that we could stay committed to the team and get better and every single player stayed true to that commitment because we came back with a reinforced desire to achieve and win and get further than we have gotten before. Our goal is to get better every single time we take the field.”

I also asked her what the team’s overall goal was for the season, “Our goal is to win a state championship.” is what she said with authority and no hesitation, she then went on to elaborate, “I know that everybody says that, and certainly, that is a lofty goal but for us a very realistic with our initial approach to the season.”

I asked her how she was feeling going into the first scrimmage this Wednesday 2/22/23 and how important preseason was for them as a team so they could be prepared and ready to achieve their goals. She said “I love preseason, I like the process of the preseason and what that means for us”

Our team had their first scrimmage yesterday, February 22nd, against Athens Drive. The Gators used this game to experiment with new formations and players in different positions. They will carry this on to the jamboree at Heritage this upcoming Saturday, February 25th.

The coach is optimistic going into the season and the girls are excited to carry on and carry on farther than last year, toward their goal of the state championship.