Outer Banks Season 3


Outer Banks the show about the story of a close group of teens known as the pogues in the beach destination of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The group is determined to find out what happened to the missing father of the group’s leader and in the process, they discover a legendary treasure. The new season is going to follow the crew down another rabbit hole as they continue the hardships that they have preserved through to get their treasure.

The hype around this show is absolutely insane there was even a music festival named after the “pogues” called Poguelandia featuring artists like Lil Baby and Khalid. There was a hunt for hidden tickets that were placed by the actors of the show near here in Raleigh North Carolina at the Krispy Kreme. The excitement was real as the parking lot was filled with fans eating donuts and building tension for the new season.

I interviewed Outerbanks superfan, Lachlan Perkins who has recently viewed the new season after restlessly waiting for it for months.

How excited were you for the new Outer Banks season?

I could hardly wait, I had been looking forward to this season ever since I finished season 2. It is my favorite show ever and when I heard that there was going to be a new season, I got so excited I started jumping up and down.

Were you happy with how season 3 was?

After binge-watching the entire season, I am really happy with the way it came out. It exceeded all my expectations and my only complaint is that it didn’t last forever.

What do you wish was shown more in this season?

I wish Madelyn Cline had more screen time because she is my most favorite character ever. She is my celebrity crush and I want nothing more than for her to notice me and show me attention.