Why You Should Fight Senioritis


E. Andrew

As we seniors steadily make our way through the second semester, we are starting to feel the effects of senioritis more and more with every passing day. The desire to sleep in, avoid doing your work, and struggle to find motivation to do anything is something we all experience.

While most people say the second semester is the time to slack off and catch senioritis, it is important to finish strong for a variety of reasons.

While you may have already accepted the offer from your dream school and feel like you don’t have any purpose at school, think again. If colleges see you failing courses or dropping below your normal academic quality, they are able to take back their offer.

If you were deferred from your dream college, chances are that you will need to send in your senior-year grades. These can either help or hurt your application, depending on your performance.

If you are looking to possibly transfer in the future out of the college you decide to go to initially, you not only need good college grades but good high school senior grades as well.

Keeping up with good study habits and a strong work ethic is also important to do in high school, as it is crucial to have these skills going into college.

While we are all feeling the effects of senioritis and wanting summer to come sooner than ever, we need to finish strong. The moral of the story here is that you shouldn’t let senioritis get the best of you. Finish strong Gators!