Men’s Lacrosse Season Opener Spotlight : Kelan Moore

Kelan Moore Scores Six Goals in Season Opener


Men’s lacrosse began their season last night against Orange High. The Gators came out on top, 14-9. They were led by sophomore Kelan Moore who scored 6 goals. We had a chance to catch up with Kelan to talk about the exciting game and asked what was his motivation was for this first matchup,

“My motivation last night was mainly from how things ended last year, for me and the team. We didn’t make it as far as we hoped in the playoffs, and I was out due to injury.”

Starting out the season like this is very impressive, and we were wondering what this kid had in store for us next, 

“My goals for the rest of the season include just building on games like this, getting more assists, and continuing to win. Our team is very talented and it should be a great year for men’s lacrosse.”

Men’s lacrosse is now 1-0, and have their home opener against Cary this upcoming Thursday. It will be a fight for the Crosstown Cup; Gators vs Imps. Make sure you come out to the Swamp to see this team dominate on the field.