Greece Train Crash Causes Public Backlash

Since the fatal train crash in Greece last week, 57 people have been confirmed dead. A passenger train collided with a freight train, after ending up on the same track. This caused the front carriages to burst into flames, killing many. The search for more victims is still ongoing. 

This tragic accident shook the country as a whole, sparking protests and harsh criticism against the government. After an economic crisis in Greece in the early 2000s, the government decided to limit their investment in the railways to channel that money to more “important” areas. Since then, the government and railroad companies have done nothing to improve the conditions of the railway system in Greece. This decision had deadly consequences, making the public increasingly angry at the lack of action from both the government and the companies. 

Riots and protests have erupted throughout the country since. Rail workers held a one-day strike, affecting national rail services. More than 2,000 people also rioted in Athens, clashing with the police force. As the protesters threw stones and lit the streets on fire, tear gas was used to disperse them. 

More than 10 people are still missing, the majority of the victims being young students. The country continues to honor the victims and prevent such a tragic accident from happening again due to a lack of government care.