The Festival of Colors


Today is the Hindu holiday Holi, which is also known as the festival of colors and the start of spring that begins after the last full-moon day of the lunar month. On this auspicious day, people will take different kinds of colored powder or pain to smear on their friends, families, and strangers to signify the joyous moment and the burning of a bonfire that symbolizes the defeat of the evil demon Holika hence where the name Holi comes from.

The Hindu temple in Morrisville, HSNC, is hosting a Holi event on Saturday, March 11th! There will be many things to look forward to such as the Holi color powders, face painting, cultural dance performances, henna, and delicious food! If you and your friends were looking for something to do on the weekend, this is the perfect place to learn about the culture and have fun!

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