Gators Swing Into The Season

E. Stein and M. Toppin

The Green Level men’s tennis team is currently 2-1 at the start of their 2023 season. 

On February 27th, they opened up against Cary High here at Green Level. They didn’t give up any sets to the Imps and won by an overall score of 9-0, keeping the crosstown cup here at the swamp, early in the spring season. 

They played again a few days later against Middle Creek on March 1st. Once again, they defeated their opponent, winning 8-1. 

Their most recent match was on March 6th against Apex at home which ended in a 4-4 tie.

Last year, our Gators finished with an overall record of 11-5 and 10-4 in the conference, finishing 5th in the SWAC. Also, after only losing one Senior last season, they gained a total of 6 this year, making significant strides in the growth of the program. 

We interviewed SR. Sid Patel, who has a total of 4 wins: 2 singles and 2 doubles, and has only one loss in his high school career.

How do you feel about the season so far?

It’s good, I mean our team is a lot more reliable and strong compared to last year, we are well-balanced and are facing some good competition, but we have some good new talent this season.

How has the team been performing compared to last season?

We have really good potential and have a genuine shot at making it to states. Last year, we had some weaknesses in our roster but our coach has put in some hard work and we’ve improved a lot.

How do you feel about your individual performance this season?

I think I’ve done good, I’ve become more disciplined and I’ve been able to improve a lot from last season.

Their next match will be tonight, March 8th, against Holly Springs. We wish our Gators the best of luck as they compete to try and gain another win!