The Era’s Tour Countdown


Taylor’s “Era’s Tour” is about to begin!

The clock is ticking down to when Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour begins. Taylor will start towards the West Coast and make her way to the East. She will end her tour back in the west, in California. During the tour, there will be guest singers such as Paramore, beabadoobee, Phoebe Bridgers, girl in red, MUNA, HAIM, GAYLE, Gracie Abrams, and OWENN.

Phoebe Bridgers, a rising pop star, has made a hit with Taylor called “Nothing New”. This song highlights the struggles of growing up and knowing little about the world around us. This song is featured on Red “Taylor’s Version”.

Since Taylor’s last concert, she has released four brand new albums and two re-recorded albums. During her tour, Taylor will sing songs from all her albums, including her newest release “Midnights.” The setlist has not been released, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

There was a huge hassle getting tickets. People went feral over presale tickets. During the presale, Ticketmaster canceled Swift’s concert ticket sales to the general public due to extremely high demands on ticketing systems. They said that the ticket inventory could not meet that demand. People wanted tickets so bad they were willing to pay very high prices. The average cost of a single ticket was $2,500 after the presale. Presale tickets went from a range of $49 to $449. On Ticketmaster, it has been announced that the Era’s Tour tickets have been canceled and it is not possible to buy more. Taylor Swift concerts have always been crazy, but never this crazy.

Fans are hoping that after the Era’s tour, there will be an announcement of another album released. Will this be her last concert or is it just the beginning?