Say Yes to the Dress: 2023 Prom Dress Trends


Prom season is officially upon us, which means everyone is searching for the perfect prom dress. While the search for a look that is edgy or elegant can be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Below are the top trends and pictures of prom dress trends of 2023. Airy styles like lace, tulle, ruffles, and shimmer are on the rise for 2023, but for those not interested in femme styles, fringe, and vintage 90s are influencing many teens this prom season, meaning there’s something for everyone. Prom is a night to remember, so you’re going to want to look the part! Whether you want glamour or a flexible look, here are some ideas for dresses that you will crush on the dance floor. Attached, take a look at all the cutouts, colors, and styles that will make you look fabulous on prom night!

Shimmer, sparkles, and sequins fabrics are popular during prom season, a maxi dress in this style will elevate your prom look this season.

Ruffles, Airy styles, lights, and flowy styles are your go-tos if you are the one the dance all night. This is perfect for those who aren’t into feminine silhouettes and gowns. A dress made of mesh will be a hit this year, light, chic, and comfortable layered ruffle dresses.

Feathers are not only a fun trendy dress, but you also have the ability way to make this trend your own, with the addition of simple accessories to top off the look

Bright and bold colors, bold colors have been popular on and off the runway this past fashion week. Fluorescent colors like pink, blue, and green are perfect colors for a midnight garden party

Corset tops are on the popularity rise; this elegant fitting look elevates a prom dress to a whole new level.

Specific colors for a garden party: greens, pinks, floral, blues, pinks, and pastel colors.