Streamer Awards 2023 Review

J. Zheng, Staff Writer

The Streamer Awards 2023 was hosted and live-streamed on March 11, 2023. If you would like to learn more about it you can read it here. However, this is a summary of it.

The Streamer Awards

The Streamer Awards is an award show for live streamers and it is hosted by another live streamer, QTCinderella. At the award show, there are awards for multiple categories for streamers such as Best Art Streamer, Best Chess Streamer, and Best FPS Streamer. Fans are allowed to nominate their favorite streamer and then vote for their favorite streamer. 

The Show Begins

When QTCinderella and Valkyrae started the Streamer Awards, they first talked a bit and then started with Best Art Streamer. For each award they had a streamer come out and read out loud the nominees and then reveal the winner. Once the winner was revealed, the winner would walk up the stage and give a quick speech. Some winners didn’t have a speech prepared and openly admitted it, they said a few words and then walked off stage. BoxBox, for example, was the winner of Best Strategy Game Streamer. When he won he got on stage and said, “Hi! I play strategy games for a living, I’m paid to think into the future and make plans for things and I didn’t think I’d be here. Uh, I didn’t have a speech but I just want to say, hey, thanks.” In between the award show, there were animations/videos. It was entertaining seeing the nominees in the animations and seeing what happened in the last year in the streaming community. After a few more awards have been passed out and after a few more animations they started with live interviews where QTCinderella and Valkyrae went around and asked the streamer a few questions. They interviewed streamers and some Vtubers, or Virtual Youtubers, which are YouTubers who use an avatar (often an anime model) when streaming or making content. After the interviews, they continue with the awards.

 In the end, they announced the Streamer of the Year and the winner was KaiCenat who was nominated by the streamers who attended the show. Congratulations to the winners! Overall, the award show was entertaining and I look forward to the next one. If you would like to watch the Streamer Awards 2023 you can on QTCinderella’s Youtube.