How Long Should Kids Wait to Get Their License?


Previously in North Carolina, teenagers would wait one year after getting their permit to then get their license. However, a recent Bill was passed in the N.C senate that will then go to the house stating that the N.C learners permit time will go from 12 months to 9 months to then get your license. This bill has caused controversy debating on whether or not this is a good idea. Here are some opinions on whether it is good/bad that this bill gets passed… 


Yes: The bill should be passed

It is a good idea to pass this bill because supporters of this bill have stated that they rely on their teenagers to soon get their licenses for easier access to transportation to and from school. Previously due to covid, driver’s ed has been backed up which makes the waiting time longer for kids to get their licenses. People arguing that the bill should be passed have said that teens need the experience and the time to be put in difficult driving situations that will prepare them for driving along. However, Senator Sawyer has stated North Carolina has a higher crash rate than other states showing that waiting for 12 months does not play a big factor to help reduce it.


No: The bill should not be passed 

No, it’s not a good idea to pass this bill. Changing the law from 12 months to 9 months can cause a higher rate of inexperienced drivers on the road. This can then lead to more accidents and crashes. Having a longer waiting time will lead to older and more mature drivers which can result in better decisions being made on the road. Even though it is only a 3-month difference, it still gives new drivers more time to practice their skills which will lead to better safety on the roads. 

No matter if it is 12 or 9 months, new drivers should always be cautious and take time practicing before getting onto the big roads. Always be careful and wear your seatbelt!