Josh Smith Makes Green Level History


Last Tuesday, Joshua Smith made Green Level Lacrosse history by passing 200 faceoff wins in one season. He is now at 544 wins in his career, expect another article celebrating his 600 soon because this guy can’t be stopped.

Smith is a junior at Green Level and has been playing varsity lacrosse for all 3 years, his success is only now just beginning as he is improving each year, and the stats show the proof as well. Picking up the sport freshman year Smith wasted no time by winning more of the 60 faceoffs and going 50% on the dot. However, sophomore year he really began to take off winning 275 faceoffs with a 69% win percentage! Now Smith is currently sitting at 207 wins and a whopping 84% win rate, which is absolutely insane.

Smith is the real deal and he makes his history and then breaks it himself, that is a special talent that not everyone can do. People should be on the lookout for his continuous success throughout the rest of the season and his senior campaign.