Gun Control in America


Mass shootings in the US have been on rise.

M. Sharma, Staff Writer

It’s a known fact that shootings in America have happened more frequently over the past few years. Statistics from Everytown Research show that in 2022, the number of mass shootings was close to double the number in 2015. In fact just the year before in 2021, the number reached over double the number of mass shootings in 2015.

Shootings have become so frequent that it’s slowly becoming a part of our daily lives. Parents are scared to send their children to school–no matter the age, teachers have to mandatorily carry safety supplies in case of shootings, news stations are filled with reports of shootings… and yet, people still want to make guns even more easily available.

I was listening to the news on the way to school, they were covering shooting after shooting. All of a sudden, they drop the fact that people were pushing to make guns more accessible, and then they switch back to shooting reports. I was shocked.

By making guns more easily accessible, even more, shootings will occur. They use the argument of using guns to keep protected from potential shootings, yet why do they have to make them even more accessible? Lowering the accessibility increases safety, as it’s more likely that such weapons won’t get into the wrong hands.

The US is high on the top of many firearm and gun-related charts. No one wants to be paranoid all the time, but that’s what’s going to happen if more guns are available around you. If you want to protect yourself, find another way to–improvise. Keeping guns is just going to make a situation less safe–for you and for your opponent.