The Truth behind Coachella Camping


As you may have heard, Coachella 2023 was a big hit. Many artists like Frank Ocean, Bad Bunny, Blackpink, Clavin Harris, and many other known artists played during the three days. Since these artists are such a big hit, crowds of people came which led to many campers. So, is camping at Coachella as bad as it seems? 

TikTokers like Ysabellewallace shared their experiences with their views about the camping situations. She never mentioned in detail what her camping experience was like, but from her videos, it did not seem bad at all. Other Tiktokers have spoken out about the utilities and what Coachella provides for the campers. This includes general stores, free water refill stations, free WiFi, phone charging stations, Ice stations, showers, portable restrooms, different activities, the list goes on. Although these all sound lovely, the shower and portable restroom situations beg to differ…

Many people have been complaining about the porta potties and the showers. Influencers are saying how they have waited over 3 hours to shower. But on the other hand, some have informed their viewers that waking up early in the morning to shower is not a hassle. The porta potties can explain themselves… To go off of complaints, the food is very expensive. If you wanted to eat for 2, that would most likely cost you over $60! 

Camping is also what you make out of it. Coachella is in a desert, so you should expect it to be very hot and dry. The weather can be a big factor in your experience with camping and staying on the festival grounds. 

There are multiple types of camping at Coachella. The most popular and most preferred is car camping. Car camping allows you to have easy access to personal items, water, and other needed essentials. Most people would also have access to AC as well as their own space. Coachella also offers tent camping where you are provided a space to set up your tent and can have as many campers or guests accompanying you. Both types of camping options are based on preferences, and Coachella camping is what you make the most of.