Gator History: Daphne Myers reaches 100 points



SR. Daphne Myers from the women’s lacrosse team has reached 100 points in her career here at Green Level.

Daphne Myers, a Senior Captain, has reached 100 points this lacrosse season. She got her 100 points against Panther Creek from an assist to Maddy Mansfield.

How did it feel to reach 100 points this season?
“It felt really rewarding to get 100 points, most of my points came from assists because I love to set up my teammates for the best opportunities.”

How did your coach/teammate encourage you to reach 100 points?
“My coaches and teammates supported and continued supporting me, even when the play didn’t go as planned. They always trust me with the ball and believe in my skills on the team.”

What was going through your mind as you reached 100 points?
“I was really excited to get 100 points, it felt terrific that I had accomplished something that I had been working towards for 4 years. My 100th point was an assist to Maddy Mansfield and I was so excited when she scored.”

What are your/team’s goals for this season?
“My team hopes to make it to playoffs this year and win as many games as possible.”