First 10 picks of NFL Draft | Picks Graded


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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during the NFL draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY on Saturday, April 28, 2007. (Photo by Richard Schultz/NFLPhotoLibrary)

1. Carolina Panthers:(From Chicago Bears) Alabama’s Bryce Young, QB — The Panthers now have a new team representative. Young more than makes up for his lack of physical strength and ability with skill. Although Anthony Richardson would have been a more daring selection for Carolina, they chose Young instead due to his impressive qualifications. Carolina is entering a new era. Score: B+2. Houston Texans: Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud The Texans stayed put and chose the player who made the most sense in this situation. They kept their draft money and still got Stroud, a top-tier quarterback. This is a lock if his performance against Georgia is representative of who he can be going forward. He completes all the tasks. Score: B3. Houston Texans:(From Arizona Cardinals) Will Anderson Jr., EDGE, Alabama  — The Texans traded their 2024 first-round pick for Anderson, who is arguably the top defensive prospect in the draft, in order to move up and secure his services. He will undoubtedly become a star, and the Texans have a pick from the Browns to make up for the draft capital they lost. The only factor preventing this grade from being an A+ is the loss of draft money. Score: A-4. Indianapolis Colts: Anthony Richardson, a Florida quarterback — Richardson represents a home run opportunity for the Colts, but he is not as undeveloped as his statistics might lead one to believe. He may get the ball first as a rookie and challenge Gardner Minshew II. At the very least, the Colts’ offense became more exciting. It’s a great idea to take this misunderstood prospect. Score: A

5. Seattle Seahawks: Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois — Although Witherspoon isn’t the biggest cornerback, the Seahawks could use him as a top-tier cornerback thanks to his talent. Witherspoon and Tariq Woolen are an incredibly talented young duo, and the Seahawks now have a stacked cornerbacks room, which is always a good thing. His confidence, physicality, and ball abilities will make the Seahawks difficult to defeat in the air right away. Score: A+6. Arizona Cardinals: Paris Johnson Jr., OT, Ohio State  (from Detroit Lions) — As they moved back up to choose Johnson, the Cardinals were able to keep the draft pick compensation on this pick relatively low. This year, he was one of the top players on the draft board, and he will serve as the Cardinals’ initial starting guard.

7. Las Vegas Raiders: Tyree Wilson of the Texas Tech EDGE — Because Chandler Jones didn’t have the impact they were hoping for in his first season with the team, the Raiders subtly needed help with their pass rush. Maxx Crosby was burdened with much too much responsibility, so Wilson and his enormous upside are a must-pick in this situation. Score: A-8. Atlanta Falcons: Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas — Although Robinson is a great player and will improve the Falcons’ roster, there were some more urgent needs that could have been addressed this year. With Tyler Allgeier being one of the best running backs in the draft, the Falcons are almost the test case for why running backs aren’t necessary at this point in the draft. Score: C+9. Philadelphia Eagles: (from Chicago Bears)Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter — The top student-athlete in the group is Carter. He is physically and technically the most dominant player on the field when he is healthy and will provide a championship-caliber defense with a championship-caliber player. Score: A+10. Chicago Bears: (from the Philadelphia Eagles) Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee, There is no way to give Wright a negative mark because he was the third-ranked player on our big board this year. Wright is a dependable lineman who will improve the offensive line for the Bears significantly over where it was at this time last year. Score: A+