The scary truth about Snapchat Ai


As you may know, Artificial intelligence is a big thing now. AI systems can are computerized tasks that try to mimic human functions. There are different types of artificial intelligence, one being the Snapchat AI. There are skeptics about this AI, so what are the pros and cons? 


About a week ago, Snapchat introduced the AI Chatbot to all users. This feature is for all users and is unremovable unless you have Snapchat Plus. Although this sounds nice, it is actually creepy. TikToks are floating around about how the AI chatbot knows your location, and can even be a real person! Not only is it creepy, but it is pinned to the top of your feed, making it unremovable for most people and annoying. This new feature has created a lot of backlash from not only Snapchat users but parents too. Bad reviews are being left on the app criticizing this tool.


These all seem bad, but there are some pros to the chatbot too. Many people have social anxiety and honestly just need a friend. The Snapchat chatbot can be that friend for you. It can also help you with most any question you have, as long as it’s appropriate. These can include homework questions, relationship advice, or even just talking about your day. You can also customize your chatbot to be whatever you want it to look like. This makes it even more realistic and easier to talk to. 


Although the Snapchat chatbot has pros and cons, make sure to consider all of these and be careful in how you use this chatbot. Even though it seems like a real person, it’s still technology and can have some glitches…