Prom Dress Trends 2023


It’s that time of year… prom season! Girls are racing to pick out their prom dresses and boys picking out which color tie to match. Over the years, prom dresses have evolved and the style of them change every year. Here are some dresses that you should think twice about wearing… 

1. Any short dress

This is an obvious rule, homecoming is for short dresses and prom is for long dresses. 


2. Extra poofy dress 

You know what we are talking about… 


3. Ball gowns

It’s just a little too much for prom, but it’s not the worst thing you can wear. 


4. White dresses that look like wedding dresses 

Once again, you are going to prom, not getting married. Save your wedding dress for later in life. 


5. The high-low dress 

Although this was a trend a couple of prom seasons ago, there are new and better trends out there and this simply did not make the cut.

Even though people can pull these looks off, there are better options out there. This can help guide you when picking your prom dress this season!