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Your Ultimate Summer ’23 Playlist

May 25, 2023

School gets out on June 9th, which is just on the horizon, and with that comes the ensuing months of summer vacation. Warmer and sunnier weather, more days with friends, and a summer bucket list to complete requires a soundtrack, and that’s just what we’ve made for you. Students from here at Green Level have compiled their favorite summer songs for your listening pleasure, to give you the Ultimate Summer ’23 Playlist. In no particular order:

1. I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again – Mura Masa & Clairo: If you’re a fan of Clairo’s more popular hits like ‘Sofia’ or ‘Flaming Hot Cheetos’, you’ll definitely like this more upbeat collaboration that’s a cross between bedroom pop and alternative rock.

2. Dennis – Roy Blair: Roy Blair’s mixture of the indie and hip-hop genres makes for this chill song about the confusion that comes along with growing up.

3. drive ME crazy! – Lil Yachty: This track is part of Lil Yachty’s experimentation with the alternative/indie genre, and has his fans and other listeners hooked.

4. Sundress – A$AP Rocky: A$AP Rocky has an endless amount of songs that would be perfect to blast in the summertime, and this one may take the cake. It has a mesmerizing sound, and samples Tame Impala’s “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?”

5. Hard Times – Paramore: One of the best tracks off of Paramore’s album After Laughter, this song incorporates tropical music as well as the band’s signature pop-punk sound to make for an upbeat song to dance to.

6. End of Beginning – Djo: Djo is the stage name of Joe Keery, the actor who played Steve Harrington in Stranger Things. This is one of the songs that has captivated his listeners for its melodic sound and heartfelt lyrics, but catchiness as well.

7. Pool – Paramore: Yet another track off of After Laughter, this song has a catchy and fun melody to contrast with its more depressing lyrics. Using summery and tropical sounds and metaphorical references to, of course, pools, makes for a song to dance on the beach to, as long as you don’t listen to the words too hard.

8. Not Strong Enough – boygenius: One of the most popular songs off of their newly released album, The Record, boygenius has encapsulated running off into the sunset in this track. This supergroup of big names is made up of singers Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus, and has a similar sound to their solo music.

9. Tell Me It’s Okay – Paramore: A demo track off of their self-titled album, this song is teen angst in a nutshell but in a way that’s more relaxed than some of Paramore’s other tracks. Its hook, “Tell me it’s okay to be happy now” rings relatable for those getting out on summer break after a tough school year.

10. Sedona – Sir Chloe: This track is a moody, guitar-heavy song that feels like the humidity on a summer night, with a relaxed sound and summer-themed lyrics.

11. Useless – Omar Apollo: Omar Apollo is a summer music extraordinaire, with this track being a fan favorite. The song’s catchy lyrics, melody, and heavy guitar strumming make this the perfect track for the season.

12. Glitter – Tyler, The Creator: Most of Tyler’s songs could fit into this playlist, but this track is the perfect song for summer. Its upbeat hip-hop sound and earnest lyrics about having a crush capture listeners’ attention, and his repeated use of the word “firework” reminds us of the 4th of July.

13. Pyramids – Frank Ocean: Frank Ocean’s use of imagery in the lyrics of this track thrusts the listener into a world of glamorous gold-studded Ancient Egypt, all in an effort to make an elaborate comparison to the girl he’s writing about.

14. Raspberry – GROUPLOVE:  Being the older, lesser-known sibling of GROUPLOVE’s smash summer hit ‘Tongue Tied’, this track has the same vibe, and even references the Carolinas, being seasick on a boat, and other seasonal things to get you in the summer spirit.

15. Ayye – Mac Miller: An underrated track off of Mac Miller’s album K. I. D. S., this song talks about all things summer, and the sentimentality of growing up.

16. Puppy Princess – Hot Freaks: An upbeat, fun song that went viral on TikTok a little while ago, this track is a great indie pop hit to blast with your friends.

17. Guilty Conscience – 070 Shake: This song has Euphoria vibe to it, and makes you feel like you’re at a party with strobe lights, due to the heavy synth and melodic nature of this track. 070 Shake made the perfect slow dance song for your summer.

18. Kim – Joy Again: Joy Again has a knack for making fun little summer songs, such as their viral hit ‘Looking Out For You’ and other indie-style tracks of theirs. This song is a head-bopper and perfect for a summer day’s drive.

19. Overthinking IT – WILLOW: WILLOW, better known as Willow Smith, has proven herself to be a talented singer/songwriter in the alternative rock/indie space. This track from her 2019 self-titled album is a dreamy, relaxed song perfect for a sunny day.

20. Pool House – The Backseat Lovers: This song is about feeling like the only person without someone, and is definitely a great one to scream with your friends, especially at a pool party.

21. Babydoll – Dominic Fike: Dominic Fike’s alternative/indie style is recognizable anywhere, with his relaxing voice, catchy guitar riffs, and nostalgic lyrics. This track is the perfect embodiment of his style and a great chill song for the summertime.

22. When Will I See You Again – Shakka: This song was also a hit on TikTok for a time, but it’s a great one to bring back for summer break if you’re feeling sentimental for people you might not see again for awhile.

23. waves – Miguel & Tame Impala: This remix by Miguel and Tame Impala is upbeat and easy-going at the same time, perfect for a day at the lake with your friends.

24. Wishful Thinking – BENEE: One of the slower songs off of BENEE’s conveniently named album, Step Into Summer, this track is great for daydreaming and having a lazy day. Other songs on the album such as ‘Glitter’ and ‘Evil Spider’ are also great for the summertime.

25. Doses and Mimosas – Cherub: A classic for summer shenanigans, this track is a mash between the alternative/pop and electronic/dance genres. This feel-good song is perfect for you and your friends to dance to on a summer night.

26. 3 Nights – Dominic Fike: Another, more popular hit by Dominic Fike, this track tells the story of a rocky relationship set in the “city of palms” or Fort Myers, Florida during the summertime. It has a catchy beat and chorus, and a dark vibe about it.

This playlist is currently on Spotify, in the same order as seen here, with the name ‘Ultimate Summer ’23 Playlist (The Gator’s Eye)’. Give it a listen and see which songs you want to make part of your summer break. See you next year!

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