Til Dawn Edition (Taylor’s Version)


Just yesterday, Taylor Swift announced that she will be coming out with a deluxe version of her new album Midnights. As you may know, on October 21st, Taylor Swift released an album based on 13 sleepless nights she has had over her lifetime. 


This deluxe version, called Til Dawn Edition, will include 4 new songs. These will include Karma featuring Ice Spice, Snow on the Beach featuring more of Lana Del Ray, Hits Different, and lastly, Your Losing Me (From The Vault). Taylor mentions in her recent post how she is a big fan of Ice Spice and the work that she does. 


Taylor says, “I’m a massive fan of that brilliant artist and after getting to know her I can confirm: she is THE ONE to watch.” 


Taylor also expresses how she has listened to the fans and went back to record a new version of Snow on the Beach, which will include more of Lana Del Ray. 


She says, “You asked for it, we listened: Lana and I went back into the studio specifically to record more Lana on Snow on the Beach. Love u @honeymoon” 


This is not the only thing Taylor has announced. On May 5th, she announced Speak Now (Taylor’s version)! These are super exciting times for the Swifties!