Why The Celtics Are the Perfect Team to Make the First 0-3 Comeback

Teams down 3-0 in the NBA Playoffs are 0-150. But if anyone can make history, it’s Boston.

There are lots of reasons why the Heat will probably win this series. No team has ever come back from 3-0 for a reason it’s not necessarily easy. If a team is going to do it someday (which in the near future it will), I think the Celtics have all of the ingredients to do so. 

The Celtics are the better team

The Celtics are more skilled than the Heat. They overall had a way better regular season, and they have more veteran experience in big games.. The Heat are winning this series right now due to Gabe Vincent and Caleb Martin two undrafted role players, are outplaying Jaylen Brown, plain and simple. And, more importantly, Miami is playing better basketball than Boston right now. The Heat more connected and in sync on both ends, and that results in fewer turnovers, fewer defensive breakdowns, and crisper offense. Which overall leads to winning basketball games.

However, the Celtics at least matched the Heat’s degree of teamwork and connectedness in Game 4 (offense and defense). When they can accomplish that, Boston’s talent can help them win the championship. They have the individual defenders to keep Miami’s guards out of the paint when they play aggressively and with composure. They should also be able to target some of the slower and smaller defensive players for the Heat in the post and on the perimeter with their size, strength, and athleticism. But since basketball isn’t an individual sport, the C’s will need to persevere and figure out how to be more than the sum of their parts if they want to challenge Miami for three more games.

This is what the celtics do

When Boston lost to Philadelphia 3-2 a few weeks ago following a devastating home defeat, it was notble that the Celtics perform at their best when facing overwhelming odds and argued that we shouldn’t have written them off so quickly. Boston had to triumph in games six at Philadelphia and seven at home, which they did.They accomplished the same thing against Milwaukee last year, falling behind 3-2 before rallying to win the series after taking Game 6 away from home. The C’s also prevailed in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Miami, demonstrating their resilience in trying situations.

Even on Tuesday, the Celtics trailed 3-0 in the series and were down nine points in the third period. At various times throughout the game, they could have easily given up; they could have ceased making several efforts on the boards and on defense, and they could have stopped moving the ball with purpose and speed on offense.They didn’t, though. Like they always do, they answered. When it seems impossible, Boston’s core just has a way of coming together and solving problems precisely. They appear to be in the ideal frame of mind to write history. Why not the Celtics if anyone is going to do it, right?