Ted Lasso Review

With the show’s final episode airing this past Tuesday after three seasons here is my review of the Apple TV show Ted Lasso.

For those who have not seen Ted Lasso, it follows an American football coach brought over to the United Kingdom to coach a struggling Premier League Soccer team. The twist is that he was hired by the team’s owner to fail and tank the team due to her hatred for the club after getting left it in the divorce settlement by her ex-husband. Throughout the show we see Ted try and help the team throughout the seasons through his enthusiasm and good character. Along the way, the team begins to accept him as he shows them lessons beyond winning.

My personal review of the show is that it was excellent. A show doesn’t win as many awards as it did without having as many dimensions and perceptions as it did.

Throughout the series we see an enthusiastic coach who only wants to help his players become their best selves tied in with diverse storylines and real-world problems we all face. The show teaches lessons and helps us perceive problems and setbacks in ways I had never thought of before.

The character development in this show is also some of the best I have ever seen in a TV show, which is surprising due to the fact the show is based on a Saturday Night Live sketch.

Ted Lasso will have you drawn in at every episode, never failing to make you laugh and even sharing somber heartfelt moments throughout the series.

In my personal opinion, I give Ted Lasso a 10/10