Is Green Level Getting A Mural?

Exciting new changes are coming to Green Level! Mr. Mapp, Principal Summers, and the Art Club are talking about creating murals for the school campus.

Mr. Mapp, who was previously at Green Hope, is very excited about creating some murals for Green Level. He has worked with Principal Summers at Green Hope and knows that she is open and excited about having murals in the school. Mr. Mapp and all the students and staff I talked to said that diversity and representation are important things that should be reflected in the murals. “People should see themselves when they walk into the school. There shouldn’t just be one kind of art representing one kind of culture or one way of viewing life,” emphasized Mr. Mapp. “Students should feel like they belong here when looking at the wall…school is like a second home”  

The Art Club is starting with the creation of a temporary art piece in the Media Center on the windows. In addition to the window art, Art Club is creating a ‘tree like’ piece on the white pillars in the Media Center about culture and identity. When it comes time to paint, Art Club will have meetings outside of school which anyone can participate in. Mr. Mapp will probably try to get professionals to help with the first murals so that all students can learn how to design and paint on a large scale.