Starbucks Holiday Drinks are Officially Here

Starbucks Holiday Drinks are Officially Here

On Thursday, November 2nd, Starbucks officially released their holiday collection. This includes new drinks and bakery items. Some of the new items are brand new collections, whilst others are brought back from past years due to the love for them.

The new drink includes a gingerbread oat milk chai latte. Most drinks are returning from past years and that includes, caramel brûlée latte, sugar cookie almond milk latte, peppermint mocha, and a chestnut praline latte. Starbucks has also released new bakery items including, a peppermint brownie cake pop, snowman cookies, gingerbread iced loaf, cranberry bliss bar, and a sugar plum cheese danish.

While this brings joy for many, other people are mad/annoyed with how early this release is. With the new holiday collection releasing, it brings an end to the fall menu from Starbucks. The fall menu was released at the end of august and it will end sometime after Nov. 2nd. Starbucks locations will continue to serve the fall drinks until their ingredients run out. Even though it has been a little over 2 months, people are still craving for these fall drinks. They don’t want their pumpkin spice season to be over. 

Another thing Starbucks is adding this holiday season is 4 different cold foam flavors to top any drink. These include peppermint chocolate, caramel brûlée, sugar cookie, and chestnut praline. They all match with a holiday drink. However, these don’t release until December 4th, almost a month from now. 

Even though people aren’t too happy with the release being this early, they still go to Starbucks and try these drinks out. On November 2nd, many people stopped at Starbucks before arriving at school. Everyone got a variety of different drinks. Some people got some frappuccinos, others got hot peppermint mochas, and some got lattes. There were even some people enjoying the new bakery items. One of the most ‘controversial’ items was the Gingerbread Chai Latte. You either love it or hate it. Someone I saw that had it, loved it, but she said everyone thought it was bad and she didn’t know why. 

Another reason people may have stopped at Starbucks before school is for the new red holiday cups that were released. They release every year, with a new design, on the day that the holiday drinks are released.

No matter what or when Starbucks releases new items, their customers will still continue to enjoy their drinks and snacks and support them.

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