Christmas Gift Wish Lists

Christmas Gift Wish Lists

Every year, around the same time in November, everyone starts thinking about their Christmas list. What they want, what they need, maybe even things they know they won’t get, but will still put on their list just for some hope. 

Even if people don’t celebrate Christmas, there are so many other holidays that people ask for gifts for! There doesn’t even need to be a holiday. Sometimes people just want gifts for the fun of it!

As time goes on, and as social media becomes more influential, certain gifts become more popular. Especially more popular among teenagers who spend a lot of their time on apps such as Instagram and TikTok.

By far, the store with the most wanted things is Sephora. Throughout the year, especially on Tiktok, many beauty products have taken the internet by storm. People testing these products out, giving their reviews, and making people that watch them want to buy it. The most wanted brands this holiday season are definitely Rare Beauty, Dior, Dyson, Sol de Janero, and so much more.

Along with Sephora, there is a major hype around Uggs. For everyone. Uggs has been releasing many new designs of their slippers and shoes and people love them. They have many different types of shoes for any person. This holiday season you will see many Uggs, without a doubt.

I went around this school to see what was top on everyone’s Christmas list this year and this is what they had to say. 

Surprisingly, many people said they want big lego sets for Christmas. Since this year, lego has been on the rise again with their sets. They have a “Botanical Collection” that are all things with plants and flowers that many people love because of how cute they are. They can add a simple piece of decor to their room.

Many people also said clothes or gift cards. I’ve found recently that over time people have started asking for money, rather than specific gifts. I think that this can be looked at as both good and bad.

The feeling of opening a gift is great. You take a guess before you open it and it’s a surprise as you unwrap it. When you get a gift card you sort of already know it’s coming because of how small it is. But since it’s money for you to spend, you can buy something for yourself that you will actually enjoy or get something that you need. 

This is also especially good to get someone as a gift giver if you really don’t know what to get someone. A simple amazon gift card is perfect for anyone.

No matter what it is, people love receiving gifts!

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