Green Screen: The Gator’s Eye reviews El Camino

T. Perkins, Staff Writer

The famous series Breaking Bad is finally over after the release of El Camino helped tie up all loose ends the series left when it last aired in late September of 2013. The famous show, which won over 10 awards and was one of the most popular series on American television has already spawned a prequel– Better Call Saul–and now we get the sequel, El Camino.

El Camino picks up right where the TV show left off with one of the show’s main characters, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), escaping from captivity. The rest of the movie goes on to explain how Jesse gets his life back on track, which includes enlisting help from a new character named Ed. Reviews have been mixed due to the pace of the movie. Some people think that it flowed great and that Aaron Paul did a great job getting back into the role of Jesse Pinkman while others thought that the movie felt like a final episode of the series and was extremely dry in some parts.

But there is no debating that the movie did a great job of tying up loose ends left by the TV show. Although I thought that Aaron Paul had an amazing performance, I thought that the movie could have been a bit faster paced and could have had more of Walter White’s family in it. I liked how Aaron Paul was able to jump back into the role of Jesse Pinkman so well but thought that the movie would have benefitted from the inclusion of other characters such as Saul Goodman or Skylar White. In conclusion, I think that although the movie could have had a faster pace and had more characters in it, it was pretty good and I definitely recommend watching it if you want to finish the Breaking Bad story.