Each Season of Friends Ranked

Each Season of Friends Ranked

As it is for many people, Friends is my favorite show ever. I have watched it about 10 times, which makes me kind of a pro when talking about it. I’m going to give my opinion on how I would rank each of the seasons, as well as take opinions from people around our school to see what we collectively think the true ranking is. This will contain spoilers so that I can give the best descriptions of each season.

10. The season ranked at the bottom is season 9. I liked this season and thought it had many funny episodes, but a lot of its storylines were messy and didn’t work in the long run. Season 9 is when the writers tried to make Joey and Rachel a thing, while also trying to make a love triangle between Joey and Ross, which technically was 2 love triangles because it was Charlie and Rachel..? It all just didn’t make any sense. This whole plot didn’t even change anything in the end. It was weird and unnecessary. 

9. At number 9, season 6. For me, this season didn’t have too much of an impact on the storyline. The only thing that made me excited was the engagement of Chandler and Monica at the end, as well as whether or not Monica would go back to Richard. However, for me, this season holds the best Thanksgiving episode, “The One Where Ross Got High.” Overall, I think that this season is great in terms of each individual episode (just like all the other seasons), but plot-wise it didn’t add many things. 

8. Number 8 is season 8. I loved this season, but it doesn’t stand out to me. This is when Rachel was pregnant, and I felt like this whole season revolved around just that. The only memorable moments from this season are who the father of Rachel’s baby is, and when Joey “proposes” to Rachel in the hospital. I loved it and I thought it was exciting and fun, but there are just better seasons that out-rank this one. 

7. Number 7 is season 1. This is obviously the season that started it all. There is a reason this show became so big and popular, and it is because of the great dynamic between the characters and the great showwriting. The reason this season is on the lower side of the list is because I believe that as time went on the show got better in terms of the writing and dynamics.

6. Season 7 of Friends was such a cute and fun season! This is the season when Monica and Chandler got married, and at the end, there was the mystery about who was pregnant. Throughout the whole season, it mostly revolved around the wedding planning, but it also kind of worked, unlike Rachel’s pregnancy in my opinion. Everyone had something to do with their wedding. I think that this season, overall, was filled with love and fun!

5. We have now entered the top 5! Season 10 is definitely very touching and has so many bittersweet moments. This is what pulled the show together and gave us the happy endings of all of the characters. The writers did their best to give what they thought the viewers wanted.

4. In the fourth spot, there’s season 2. This season is filled with the ups and downs of Ross’s and Rachel’s relationship. The drama within their relationship created an interesting season. It also showed how the friend group reacted as a whole to their relationship. The dynamics of this season were truly great. 

3. In the third spot, I have season 4! This season had some of the most iconic scenes ever, including when Monica and Rachel bet their apartment, when Ross says Rachel’s name at the altar, and the beginning of the relationship between Monica and Chandler. I loved how messy this season was in terms of the characters’ relationships, as it made for great storylines.

2. The runner-up is season 3. This season is an emotional rollercoaster through Ross and Rachel’s relationship. It was the start of the famous quote “We were on a break!” While this was kind of a sad season, it was filled with so many fun moments, including the beach trip where Phoebe found her mother, and the Thanksgiving football game. This season gave us so many emotions.

1. At number 1, the best season is season 5! Season 5 is when Monica and Chandler hid their relationship and slowly everyone found out. It was so precious to watch. This season had some of the best episodes, including when the group went to Vegas, and how Monica and Chandler revealed their love for each other through a silly little game with everyone else. It gave all of the emotions all at once and it was perfect.

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