Schools Should Continue Providing Laptops for Student Use

P. Kale, Staff Writer

When assignments are due, students use many different tools provided to them. If they do not have the assignment completed on time, one essential tool is a simple laptop that will help type or create anything needed. Laptops can be very helpful as they are portable computers that help process information, design apps, access the internet and/or even work on a project. Furthermore, using a laptop in the classroom can be a great way to prep for working in the real world; Most students complete school and find jobs that include sitting in front of a computer screen. According to Gradelink, “Using technology in the classroom can help raise students’ chances of acceptance in those jobs and ease their transition.” We are almost in 2020, I believe the future is almost here and that we should start working on new technology that will improve a student’s education.

The convenience of laptops is so great that students no longer feel surprised by the fact of finding them in class. Almost all laptops today are too heavy to carry in one’s backpack so bringing one from home can be difficult. But if laptops are not available, there is no choice but to use phones. Furthermore, “Phones have a small screen which is bad for eyes and they are also harder to control than laptops, “ says Aarit Vaidya, a Sophomore who uses laptops often in school. He also says that he would be very disappointed if laptops were removed from school. Additionally, laptops are needed in most classes as it may be crucial to send emails and “Most high schoolers have a way to send an email from home, whether it’s from a smartphone or a family computer. But students with assigned devices from their schools are more likely to actually draft those emails and hit send,” says Hechinger-report. Many already understand that laptops are great and will have an important future. 

Let’s continue this journey through the future of technology and improve the education of many students.