Top College Majors

Top College Majors

College is a stepping stone to a possible lifelong career that can bring loads of success. Often, high school students struggle to find a major that they can both enjoy and get a living pay. So, I have put together a list of majors that both me and other Green Level students recommend for those planning to make a high salary straight out of college.

  1. Computer Science

Over the years, we have seen technology dominating jobs which is why computer science is among the best paying degrees. There likely won’t be a shortage of computer science jobs anytime soon since businesses are increasingly reliant on technology. The projected early career salary for computer science is $70,000- $88,000. 

2. Engineering Majors

Engineering degrees are currently the college majors with the highest income just 5 years after graduation. Their salaries are generally ranging from $55,000- $89,000 yearly. Additionally, there are a multitude of engineering majors to choose from like computer, chemical, aerospace, electrical, industrial, mechanical, and civil engineering. 

3. Accounting

If you receive a bachelor’s degree in accounting, you likely will have a choice between several specializations. The early career salary for accounting is estimated to be about $35,000-$55,000. However, accountants who have additional qualifications are much more likely to earn a higher starting salary. Additionally, this degree is a good foundation for careers in business, and a wide range of jobs.

4. Business Administration

This is one of the most versatile degrees that focuses on core business principles like management, finance, marketing, and operations. The early career salary is estimated to be $51,000. If you choose this path, you can also specialize in other areas like entrepreneurship, international business, and nonprofit management.

5. Nursing

With an aging population, our society is always in need of more healthcare

workers. One of the highest paying bachelor’s degrees today is nursing with an early career salary of about $65,000. 

6. Finance

A finance degree allows you to qualify for jobs like financial analysts, controllers, and financial managers. Though generally challenging, the average salary for an early career in finance is $76,000. This degree in the job market is favorable, and has an average growth expected in the sector through 2030.

7. Economics

Economists are continuously needed in order to study market trends and create business forecasts. The early career salary is usually around $77,500, and since it is a broad field, it may offer specializations in certain economic fields.


All in all, there are several majors to choose from when planning for college. However, you shouldn’t ever base your decision solely on which major will make you the most money. It is important to search more about what each major has to offer, and to go from there! As we near the end of the school year, our school gives a big congratulations to all of the Green Level High School class for ‘24 students, and best of luck to the class of ‘25 on selecting and applying to colleges in the coming months.

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