India May Have Started a Second Space Race

R. Mishra and R. Manoj

We believe that India has started a “silent” second space race with multiple countries. Although it wasn’t covered in media sites, ever since the failed hard landing of the Vikram Lunar Lander, the spending on many international space programs, such as NASA, has increased by a lot. For example, NASA has announced that they will be sending a rover to Jupiter to study the landscape.

NASA’s new mission is called Artemis. This mission is also referred to by many as the twin sister of Apollo. This means that NASA is trying to focus on women going to the Moon instead of men. On their website, NASA has detailed a very intricate plan to install support systems and to get the first woman and the next man to the moon. NASA also stated they were going to go to Mars, they said this after India had a hard landing on the moon. As another program, NASA has also announced that they will be building a new Viper rover which will be used to map ice water on the moon.

Space X has also started investing a lot more in their space programs, and they have just built a new rocket that can be reused in it’s launches. Space X also announced that they will try to have its first private flight in 2023.

We think it only makes sense that NASA’s success has spurred other, less developed countries, to seek advancement in space exploration. In turn, it seems that this activity from countries not traditionally seen as active in space exploration has pushed NASA to increase their own efforts. We look forward to seeing where this “silent” Space Race might take us.