Showing Some Gator Pride at the First Pep Rally of the Year


T. Rangaraju

Green Level Football about to tear through the Green Level Gator sign being held by the Cheer and Dance teams.

Green Level’s first Pep Rally on Thursday, October 31st was incredible! It evoked so much school spirit, enthusiasm and excitement, getting the whole crowd involved! The stands were full of Gator spirit wear and colors. 

Mr. Fegeley, Green Level’s Athletic Director, held the mic for most of the Pep Rally. The event started off by introducing and congratulating all of the fall sports teams and their achievements. According to Mr. Fegely, “the women’s tennis team making state playoffs was a huge accomplishment. There were great seasons by soccer and volleyball. The Green Level football team had many wins, and beating Panther Creek was a huge one.” 

Students cheered and fired up the football team. The upcoming white-out football game versus Panther Creek was also a subject of much discussion. Mr. Fegely explained that “since many people here at Green Level have ties to people in Panther Creek, this game is huge and important to many people.”

The dance and cheer teams presented stunning performances. There were games, songs, and an introduction to the newest addition of our school–the Spirit Stick! The Spirit Stick is awarded to the class with the highest amount of school spirit. During the Pep Rally, it was announced that this year, Sophomores (the class of 2022) are the winners to Gator Fest, so they earn their name on the Spirit Stick! Try a little harder next time freshman!

According to Catherine Goodall, a Sophomore at Green Level, “I think the pep rally was very fun and inclusive of all the students. It was a good change from the usual classes and schedule we have, and it gave us all a little bit of excitement and school spirit.”

 The Green Level band played wonderful, loud music. They were an excellent addition to the Pep Rally.  We also learned and watched a number of cheers like the “Big Chomp!”

Goodall brought up an interesting point about this pep rally, saying “Since the school isn’t going to be completely full for the next 2 years (there’s only going to be 2 and 3 grade levels) these few pep rallies are probably the only school year where all the students can fit in the auditorium so we should enjoy it while we can!” Mr. Fegely agrees, saying that “This is our first pep rally, so it’s cool we have everyone at the gym at once. This is not something we can do once the school gets bigger” 

Another announcement made was the first teacher of the year: Mr. Mapp, Green Level’s Art Teacher! He received a crown and scepter that he can now use to rule his classroom. 

Overall, the Pep Rally was a day we will never forget, full of Gator spirit, and we’re looking forward to more just like it in the future!