VolleyBros Blows Us All Away

On Wednesday, October 30, the Green Level Volleyball team hosted a fundraiser that they called “VolleyBros.” The event had an excellent turn out with a lot of healthy competition. Green Level Sophomore Nia Spells, a captain of the Varsity Team, said that she got the idea from Panther Creek, and she, “decided to bring it with me.” 

Volleybros is a fundraiser that volleyball teams use to involve boys who think that volleyball is an “easy sport.” Spells told us,  “VolleyBros is when we get a bunch of guys who don’t know how to play volleyball to play volleyball.” Participants signed up for VolleyBros created teams of 4 people in their grade. Players had to pay $10 each for participating. Once in, each team was assigned two Varsity players as coaches. The different teams played against each other in a tournament. The winning team got two huge bags of candy and bragging rights. 

This year’s VolleyBros champion team, called Vibe Check, consisted of Sophomores Cody Cross, Robert Ramos, Alex Winters, and Freshman Matt Pickover. The team fought hard against the other four teams. After facing a tough loss during their first game, the team came back and to win the entire tournament. A word on the win from Freshman Matt Pickover: “Even though we lost that first game, I think that we did a good job on fixing our mistakes in that first game and winning all.”

The fundraiser was a huge hit with many of the students of Green Level and also with the volleyball team. For many of the players, it was their first time ever playing volleyball, much less competing on a court. And for many of the Green Level Volleyball players, it was their first time coaching or reffing for a VolleyBros event. Freshman Ella Park, a player on the JV A team, said, “I thought it was a fun and competitive environment where people could just have fun and hang out with their friends.” Spells said, “VolleyBros went great. We had a couple of people that got into it a little too much, but other than that I think it went amazing.” Something that Spells said that she would want to change for next year’s fundraiser is how the teams would be chosen. Apparently, it was very stressful waiting for teams to join.