The Artwork of France and Spain


M. Grabowski, Editor-in-Chief

Some Green Level students are going on a trip to France/Spain this summer, and although this isn’t a school trip we still find it important to inform you of the museums and famous art pieces they will be seeing. 

The first stop on this trip is Paris, France: an iconic location with plenty of iconic museums as well. You’ve heard of famous pieces such as Venus de Milo, statues such as Winged Victory, and Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix. In the Louvre Museum students may get to look at possibly the most famous piece of art in the western world: the Mona Lisa! Tons of works by French Impressionists lie in The Louvre Museum with several pieces our travelers will definitely recognize. The Thinker and The Kiss are examples of some very well-known pieces to be found at the Rodin Museum. Students may even get an excursion to Monet’s Garden, and the Gardens in Giverny. To round off the trip to the city of love, Gators will get a Partisan art lesson as an activity! Of course, the travelers will finish their visit with a look at the official work of art in this city, the Eiffel Tower. 

Beautiful lavender fields may make you feel like your in a dream, but this summer, Green Level students will find themselves in Provence! The countryside of France is an artwork in itself but along with it, Gators on the trip will see architecture such as The Palais des Papes. This palace is where the Pope used to live before the Vatican. You’ve learned about aqueducts in Social Studies classes in past years, but these travelers get to see the Roman aqueduct that was left from the Roman Empire–a world heritage site! The City of Arles is a place with a beautiful view of the landscapes. Gators will step in the same city that Van Gogh came to paint and get to see some of his artwork as well. Cezanne also painted and they will visit his artist workshop in the city of Aix-en-Provence. 

What a better way for our Gator travelers to round out a trip than with an experience to remember, and that’s definitely what Barcelona has. Whimsical churches, parks, the picasso museum, and an excursion to see Flamenco Dancers will make your time in Spain phenomenal! 

Special thanks to trip planner/leader, Mrs. Amerson for all the information! We’re excited to hear all about the adventures when the travelers return after their trip this summer.