Fashion Designing For a Cause

Imagine this: It’s Christmas, Hanukkah or one of the other wonderful seasonal holidays that revolve around presents. Your eyes dart around the Christmas tree in anticipation for your gifts, you squeeze your eyelids shut in hope that one package holds that Brandy Melville top you wanted. But some children don’t have families that can afford enough clothes, let alone these designer brands. Shouldn’t they still be able to wear cute and stylish clothes?

Freshmen Ally Qian, Aleena Dard, and Mya Douglas have taken a step (or should I say a glue gun!) in the right direction. They want to be the change so that everyone, regardless of income, can have access to cute clothes that are thrifted. They have taken this up as their Genius Hour Project in Mrs. Hill’s class with a purpose to help the people that need it most.

Qian, Dard, and Douglas are asking volunteers to donate clothes they’ve grown out of so that they can be redesigned and given to a good cause. So really the only question through your mind should be, “Where do I drop them off?”

“There will be certain boxes designated by the library and by the front of the school,” says Project Leader Dard. Regardless of style, article of clothing, or fabric, make sure to drop off your old clothes so these girls can style them and give them to people who would really appreciate something cute and needed as a winter gift. “For the clothes that you don’t need, you can give them to someone who needs it,” says Qian. 

Spread the winter cheer by dropping off clothes you don’t need anymore!