What are Green Level’s Favorite Subjects?

D. Khan and T. Dongara

The Gator’s Eye decided to conduct a poll and ask our students, what is the most important subject in school? Although everyone has their own preference and their own interests, it’s interesting to see what subjects the majority of students at Green Level High School think are most important for their futures. We gave the options of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, and here were our results:


English: 30

Math: 29

Science: 22

Social Studies: 10


Why Did We Get These Results?

As you can see above, with English winning by 1 more vote, English, Math, and Science all got high amounts of votes. But why? As we were collecting certain student’s votes, we started wondering why these subjects were considered to be most important. What most people said for English was that it was important for communicating globally. Math was also said to be important because basic numbers are used a lot in our everyday life. Science and Social Studies got fewer votes because they weren’t considered to be something you would use in your everyday life. But is this reality or just our perception?