How Gators Can Get More Sleep


Image created by S. Talekar

Go to bed, you guys!

It’s getting towards that time of year when students start losing sleep over grades. This can be a stressful time for most people but it is crucial to maintain your sleep schedule. Teens need around 8-10 hours of sleep, but they often don’t get it. Use some of the tips below to get better sleep.

  1. Make sleep an absolute priority! If you’re up late working on an assignment or studying for a test, set a certain time to go to sleep and stick with it. Working late into the night is not only detrimental to your health but it also can cause you to get a bad grade. The sleepier you are in doing something the lower your accuracy gets.
  2. Try not to consume any high-energy drinks like coffee, soda, and tea close to your designated sleeping time. Not only does this make you sleep later, but regular consumption of these drinks close to bedtime can potentially cause insomnia.
  3. Try to manage your time. Don’t procrastinate! Doing assignments and homework at the last minute tend to take precedence over a much needed sleep. 
  4. Limit your bed to just sleeping. Some of us do our homework or hang out on our bed and that causes our brain to not connect our bed to sleep. When you only sleep in a bed your brain automatically associates the two together. So when you go to sleep your brain knows what to do.
  5. Don’t look at screens before going to bed. Studies have shown that the light from screens tend to get you more awake and therefore, making you less likely to sleep.