Fall Sports Celebration


M. Sharma

Students celebrating their wonderful seasons!

M. Grabowski, Editor-in-Chief

From the classic Cross touchdown with barely a scrap of time on the clock to the spikes and the aces leaving surrounding schools in the dust, Green Level fall sports have dominated and it’s time for them all to celebrate! Recently, tennis, volleyball, golf, soccer, cheer, cross country, and football gathered together to celebrate their improvements as a team and season overall at the Fall Sports Celebration.

Cleats, tennis sneakers, and running shoes pattered across the auditorium floor to start the evening off, the steps combining into Gator growls. The sun was giving off a soft 7PM glow that set the mood for what Mr. Fegeley would announce to all the athletes. Green Level’s first-ever Varsity pins were given out along with numerous awards from the program, coaches, and MVPs. But the fun hadn’t even started yet!

Then student athletes got to take a break from the field, court, and course to step onto the dance floor instead. Ransom Mix blasted along with the Macerana and everyone let loose to let the music highlight their night. The inflatables were three games that the students got to compete with each other in, and of course they had to end their night with a slice of the wonderful cake from Buttercream Bakery in Apex. 

Everyone was laughing, dancing, and socializing with their friends when the night was still young. All of the coaches came over to give their first team their last hug and everyone was overwhelmed with pride that our Varsity and JV teams, all just Freshman and Sophomores, had done so well and achieved so much for the Gator community!

As the sky darkened, the party came to an end and all of the spectacular athletes left their last event for the fall season. Each student’s hands gripped the fall sports yearbook that was a great memento of the best photos from each sports season along with the awards they had received. The first athletic season of Green Level was truly an iconic occasion and all the hard work student athletes poured into their team to pull out a win was rewarded with The Fall Sports Celebration!