What Is The Art Club Thankful For?

Thanksgiving will soon be here, so The Gator’s Eye is interested in learning what our students are grateful for. This week, we checked in with the Art Club, but look out for coverage of other groups in the future.  

Abigail Kutz, the President of the Art Club says that she’s “thankful for my family, an amazing education, art class, teachers, being born in America, and being given opportunities that not everyone can get.”

Megan Gungor, an active member in the Art Club, told me that “I’m thankful for my family, health and dogs!” (Everyone is very thankful for dogs–they make life just a little bit better than it already is.)

Art Club is a club where students get together and show each other their very talented ways. Art is an amazing way to show expression and meaning without saying anything at all! I know that everyone is very thankful for Mr. Mapp (the art teacher) and the opportunities that he has given us!