Minecraft Earth


S. Vargas

Have you played the new Minecraft game yet?

S. Vargas, Asst. Student Life Section Editor

Do you like Minecraft?

You’ve probably heard of it even if you’ve never played. Mojang’s most well known game is getting a revamp known as Minecraft Earth; it is a Pokemon Go style game where you are a character in a world and you have to collect “tappables” which can give you usual minecraft items such as dirt, flowers, stone, and even animals.  These items, however, come in different rarities marked with a color. “Common” is grey, “uncommon” is green, “rare” is blue, purple is “epic,” and yellow is “legendary.” Not all these items can be gotten from tappables–there are also chests you can grab that are lying around that have a higher chance of ores–and legendary items can only be gained through adventures which are short little games were you fight multiple monsters.  Some of the rewards include diamonds.

Now, what do you do with all these blocks and ores, well, you craft. You can craft almost anything, including swords, bows, and noteblocks, if you have the materials, although it takes a certain amount of time. The blocks are for placing. You begin with a build plate where you can add or take away blocks to your heart’s content and you get a new one every five levels. Levels can be gained from completing challenges or collecting tappables, and there is another way to get build plates through gems which can be used to speed up the crafting process. Gems can be gained through two means: one you can find them randomly or two you can buy them with real money.

Another fun feature of the game is character customization. You can make your own character or choose from templates, however, there are some options you have to pay for.

Overall, the game is amazing. It is incredibly fun and interesting to play and is overall a great time. I would recommend this not only for other minecraft fans but for everyone who loves fun mobile games!