Call of Duty Review

Yan Rosa, Staff Writer

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was a very hyped up game coming into its much-awaited release. The game, created by Infinity Ward, was a soft reboot of the original modern warfare game. They kept the same guns, but they made some good and bad changes to the game in the campaign and multiplayer. Here we will review every little detail about the game and rate them on a scale of 1-10. 

The Campaign: 9.5

 In my opinion this Modern Warfare has easily been the most riveting and best campaign in a while from any game in recent memory. Probably the best campaign since Black Ops 2 campaign in 2010 In this campaign, Infinity Ward did every possible thing to make this campaign the most accurate description of war. This campaign was set in fictional Urzikstan with the main character being Captain John Price. You also have Farah and Hamir who lead an insurgent movement to get rid of Russian forces in Urzikstan. After playing this campaign I realized that this game gets really close to the moral line but never actually goes past it. There are many parts of the 5 hour campaign that illustrate my point: children get shot, women are killed too, and there is the threat of suicide bombers. Although these features can get really gruesome, they also helped me get the most in depth view of what war these days is really like. I also like how these AI in the campaign in this actually felt like they had brain cells. Most AI, like the one from COD WW2 felt like brainless robots that are not aware of our surroundings. Even the most difficult bots are like more difficult robots. These robots feel like they know what their surroundings are and how to shoot their guns

Multiplayer: 7.5

Being a soft reboot of the original Modern Warfare they kept a lot of the same guns, but they also changed some very fundamental parts of the game. The changes have some pros and cons and some of them are just downright controversial. Some of the good things they have added to the game include gun customization. Some of the skins aren’t good at all, especially considering the grind you have to go through to get them. The main positive of the gun customization is the added emphasis on the attachments on you’re gun and how it greatly affects the gun this year. In this years COD, the attachments basically make the gun and you can easily cater the gun to your playstyle so your performance is better. For example, on my snipers–without the attachments the snipers have some of the slowest ADS (Aim Down Sight) speeds ever. So with the 5 gun attachments that you get I emphasized the ADS speed over anything else because I knew the damage would still be there. The importance of attachments have made the gun play really fun in the game and helps you get the perfect classes for you’re playstyle. The gun play really carries the load and is why most people like Modern Warfare. There are some stuff in the game that really make me and other people playing mad. One thing that really reduces the enjoyment of multiplayer are the maps. Not only are there only 6 maps to pick from for every game mode but ground war, but these maps are absolutely terrible. There are so many factors that make these maps just so bad to play on and not enjoyable. One of these factors is how many camping spots are viable in these maps. Not only are some guns just straight overpowered, especially when camping, but then you have the claymores that are also overpowered. Then the spawn points on some maps make spawn camping extremely easy, making the game so frustrating and leading to people leaving the lobbies.

Verdict: After playing the whole game, I found out that the campaign really carries this games success. The campaign is absolutely amazing  in every single way and in my opinion is a really accurate depiction and simulation of war. I am just amazed at how good the campaign was made after taking a year off in BO4. The multiplayer gun play is really good, but the multiplayer two big flaws are the maps and the play styles these maps allow.  So you could say that Infinity Ward had some success and some failures with the new ideas they tried out–which is going to happen. The gun play has made multiplayer fun, but the map quality and number of maps really bogs that down. Overall, I have really liked this “Call of Duty” more than all of the other most recent COD games and I think you should definitely play it.