Don’t Mess With Success (Netflix)

M. Grabowski

As you know, Disney Plus just released, but Netflix is something we can’t just forget about because Netflix is so much better than this new Disney platform. Netflix was our childhood and it still holds a place in all of our hearts. 

As Freshman Sania Musti says, “Although some people may find it (Netflix) expensive it has some of my favorite great tv shows/movies and it’s definitely worth the money.” Much of our student body seems to agree! Future Freshman, Ellie Norman states, “It has more than just Disney shows and movies, it has all types of things you can watch.” A consistent response to my poll about Netflix was about how people love the non existent ads, but Disney Plus has no ads too. What really sets Netflix apart is that, “They  have the best Nick shows on it,” as Spencer Fischer says. 

Many people have drifted away from Disney’s constant live-action remakes that are not nearly as good as the original and have gone over to Netflix to browse the numerous award winning shows which should urge you to do the same! Whether Dwight gives you a laugh, or if F.R.I.E.N.D.S makes your heart truly happy, Netflix is definitely the better platform because it houses everyone from The Flash to Jane Vinanueva. Disney’s remakes can’t beat that.