First Gator Basketball Win

There were two minutes left on the clock and the seconds seemed to be flying by. The scoreboard read 47 for the Gators and 42 for the Unicorns. At this point, either team could win, and these last few crucial minutes could decide if the Gators would take the victory. The Unicorns dribbled the ball down the court and attempted a 3 pointer, barely missing. The Unicorns would need a little more magic to beat Green Level, and on this night, it was in short supply. The Gators rebounded the ball, and the Unicorns tried to steal it, but ended up fouling. Green Level still had a 5 point lead with 9 tense seconds left. 

Gianna Palange stood at the free-throw line. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, and the air was filled with excitement and nervousness. If this shot was made, Green Level would undoubtedly take the win. Gator’s Eye Asst. Sports Section Editor Nia Spells, who was covering the story along with me, leaned over and said, “I think the Gators are going to win this one” and she was right. Palange skillfully shot the basketball and made both free throws. In the final five seconds, the Unicorns took the ball and launched a three-pointer but by then it was too late. The Unicorns would have to stay imaginary after all. The Gators had won with a final score of 60-53! 

Applause, cheering and yelling erupted from the crowd, coaches, team, and cheerleaders. The Gator’s hard work and dedication had paid off, and it showed throughout the game. Sophomore Samantha Bonello told us “Our plan was to play like a team, and we followed through with it. That’s how we won.” 

The entire game was extremely close. In the first half, the two teams were almost tied up, but the Gators pushed and fought hard with superior energy and techniques, and by the end of the second quarter, the Gators had scored 15 points to the Unicorns’ 9. Bonello told us that “I think this win means a lot because it’s the very first basketball game in Green Level.” It’s true that they were making Green Level history. This win over NCSSM was one for the record books. 

Gator fans are looking forward to many more.