The Gators Fall to the Fuquay Bengals

From the beginning, it seemed like this game would be a nail biter. The Gators and the Bengals went back and forth. The Gators would take the lead, then the Bengals would take the lead. Going into halftime the Gators and the Bengals were tied at 21. However, in the second half, the Bengals kicked into a different gear and ran away with the lead. The Gators tried to keep up but they were not able to push enough points to take the game. Many players posted on their social media accounts, “Minor setback for a major comeback,” and the players kept their heads up and are ready to get back to work to get their first win soon.

Your Gators are back in the Swamp on December 17th against Riverside. Wear your favorite holiday apparel to come out and support the Gators.