We Want Warren?

M. Grabowski, Editor-in-Chief

While Republicans know that their presidential nominee will be Donald Trump, Democrats are still trying to decide. On November 7, Democratic Primary candidate Elizabeth Warren made a campaign stop in Raleigh. The town hall meeting welcomed Warren onto the stage with an overwhelming amount of applause, but does Green Level clap with the same enthusiasm for her? If you would like to learn more about Warren and her standpoints before reading this article, I encourage you to do so by clicking here to listen to The Gators Eye podcast about this democratic candidate. Here we will be discussing whether the members of our student body who take an interest in the Democratic Primary contest our student body agrees with Warren as much as the 3,500 people that came to hear her speak in the state overall.

“Everyone was so excited, there was a bunch of energy!” said Avanti Panajkar, a senior at Broughton who attended the event. But perhaps won’t get the same loud roars of appreciation from Democratic-leaning students at this school. Freshman Diego, a Bernie Sanders supporter, says that, “While Warren’s policies and general thought process I agree with, her voting records are shaky and she seems a little too willing to compromise on important issues, and these things put me off a bit.”

At her town hall meeting, Warren asked, “Why is America’s middle class being hollowed out? Why is it that so many who work every bit as hard as my mother worked a generation ago, two generations ago … finding a path today is so much rockier and steeper.” While this statement doesn’t resonate with all, Arabelle Kwiatek points out that, “I think that all of us are very fortunate to go to Green Level,” and Freshman, Gabe Chapman suggests that, “Our school is on the higher end of the middle class.”

Even if these perceptions are correct, shouldn’t we still be concerned with raising the minimum wage? “Normal minimum wage isn’t a living wage and minimum wage hasn’t been raised to fit our economics since the 1960’s,” says Freshman Arush Sharma.

It seems that many students’ views do line up with Warren’s although they still don’t necessarily consider themselves supporters for various reasons.

Do you support Elizabeth Warren or any other of the candidates for the Democratic nomination? We’d love to hear from you!