Miss the Game? Check Hays and Hall Productions


Image created by M. Grabowski

If you can’t watch a sports game, you can always watch it on Hays and Hall Productions

M. Grabowski, Editor-in-Chief

Samantha Bonello dribbles the ball all the way down the court, the Titan’s shoes pounding shortly behind. The court had a buzzing intensity: you know Bonello will make the layup but seeing it with your naked eye contributes to the environment of the swamp! But then, your phone buzzes and  you have to leave early. You missed Bonello’s best shots and you missed the spectacular Varsity boys’ game, too. Having to leave an exciting game happens to the best of us, but now, Hays and Hall Productions allow you to watch the games with great commentary when it happens to you. 

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The root of Hays & Hall Productions was for Benjamin Hays’ Genius Hour Project in Speech class, and with the idea from a gym teacher, Hall jumped on the phenomenal idea for a Green Level tradition. “We are extremely thankful for Athletic Director Fegeley, Coach Solakoglu, and Ms. Hill,” says Hays.